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Meet Military Wives
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A community where other Military Wives can add each other

Welcome to the Meet Military Wives Community.

Please note that this is only an add me community. This is not an open forum to discuss anything military related, daily news etc. Meet Military Wives has only ONE purpose, which is to introduce you to other military wives around the world or even local so that you can find new LJ friends. Instead of skipping around struggling to search for wives with the same interests as yours on LJ, we do it all up front here.

Once you have joined the community,
post your bio first.

Your bio SHOULD include at least the following:
Your name
Your age
The branch you are associated with
and a bit of detail about you and who you are
If you would like to include a picture of yourself, please do so after an LJ cut
At the end of your bio, in your tag please include what base/post etc you are at (so that in the future, people may just click on a related tag to find people in the same area)
**It would also be wise to include what kind of things you are not looking for in an LJ friend, just to get that out of the way.

If you want to add someone as your friend, please comment on their post.

Please be courteous and enjoy!♥


mil_wives - Our favorite community for fellow military wives to connect and socialize

If you would like to be added as an affiliate, please contact the moderator,ellojenn, via personal message on LJ.

Please do not advertise other communities, use foul language, screen or disable comments, etc. Stick to the basics or you'll be removed from the community.